Mind & Body Development with Caroline Pollitt

Do you struggle with issues? Do you have difficulty saying no? Do you feel unable to express your needs? Do you often feel guilty? Do you feel that you never quite measue up? You are not alone.  Serenity’s vision is to share with others the incredible growth journey, from feeling lost, to feeling empowered, able to say no, and able to challenge any issue for your own personal growth.


personal development sessions by Serenity


Learn how to understand, and change the issues affecting your personal life. These self development sessions are for anyone wanting to transform difficulties in any of these areas; relationships, parenting, weight, depression, stress and anxiety, eating disorders, illness, co dependence, low self esteem, smoking, bullying.

Career development sessions by Serenity

Work Life

These sessions will help you to view your current situation, to resolve issues, and set goals to move forwards.

Serenity provides workshops for business, including communication skills training and Mind, Body Connection Training.

School based self development sessions by Serenity


Serenity offers a wide range of services to schools and colleges. All our self development programmes are based on raising self responsibility and resilience in children and young people.


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